Last Friday, in Katowice, the XXII Information and Training Symposium ended DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIRS OF ENERGY DEVICES, diagnostics as a source of knowledge for the operation strategy, organized by Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Naukowo-Technicznych “Pro Novum” Sp. z o.o.

This year’s event touched upon the most important and current topics related to the energy industry. They were:

  • Diagnostics supporting the safety and availability of energy devices
  • Safety and availability in the last phase of equipment maintenance
  • Modernizations improving the flexibility of thermo-mechanical devices in the power plant
  • Innovative methods of research and assessment of technical condition
  • Diagnostics supporting the extension of the operation of long-operated thermo-mechanical devices in power plants
  • Technologies that increase the safety and availability of devices
  • The use of artificial intelligence methods in the diagnostics and operation of devices

One of the speakers at the Symposium was Thanh Nguyen Cong, a representative of the Ecol Company. His lecture on the technology of chemical condenser cleaning with the use of active foam aroused great interest and aroused a lively discussion among the audience.

As the organizers write, “despite the difficult conditions, the XXII Symposium went according to the plan” and was a substantively valuable meeting on the map of industry events.

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