Corrosion and maintenance issues:


  • Evaluation of the technical condition (corrosion, erosion) elements of power equipment including: the impact of the environment and corrigents on corrosion of equipment, the impact of technological regimes on the process of corrosion, the effectiveness of maintenance methods.
  • Evaluation of the technical condition and the degree of contamination of the internal and external surfaces of heating boilers and other equipment operating in the energy equipment.
  • Expertise failback. Analysis of the causes of damage to the elements of power equipment. Analysis of failure.
  • Developing security technologies power equipment against corrosion footprint, including long term parking (shutdowns, stoppages in reserve, stops, etc.).
  • Implementation of maintenance operations for the standstill (boilers, turbines, condensation system and power supply, heat exchangers, electrostatic precipitators and others).
  • Developing programs anticorrosion protection devices for specific work scenarios generation equipment.
  • Corrigents and inhibitors selection for each water-steam circuit, cooling and heating.
  • Passivation of corrosion of new (cleaned) tubes made from copper alloys (brass, copper-nickels and others) for initial operation.
  • Technical consultancy.