Diagnostics services offer

We perform analysis of all groups of oils, lubricants, machine and equipment types, at any stage of operation:

  • analysis of physicochemical parameters of oils and new and used lubricants (at operation),
  • analysis of the level, type, and concentration of contamination in lubricants,
  • diagnosis of the condition and lifetime of lubricants,
  • detection of early stages of excessive wear and tear, as well as technical condition diagnosis of machines and equipment,
  • drawing conclusions and giving recommendations of counteractions in the area of oil, and machine and equipment degradation,
  • advisory services regarding strategy of monitoring and diagnostics,
  • oil-and-diagnostics audit,
  • trainings in lubrication engineering, good practices in lubrication, oil diagnostics, and operability management.

Our diagnostics offer is targeted chiefly at the companies, who value the most the reliability in operability management and think of reducing operational cost:

  • thermal, water and wind power plants;
  • chemical facilities and refineries;
  • breweries and drink plants;
  • automotive;
  • plastic processing facilities;
  • metallurgy;
  • construction industry, road building (building machines).

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