We provide fast diagnostic service, offering the most up-to-date package of lubricants measurements oriented to equipment diagnostics, and operability management issues.

Are you aware what is the purpose of performing properly adjusted and regular oil analysis?

  • it provides information on the condition of lubrication agent in the device;
  • it provides information on the condition of the device the oil was extracted from;
  • helps to adapt corrective measures.

We have at our disposal one of the most state-of-the-art, independent Oil Laboratories in Poland, with incorporated quality management system conforming with ISO 17025 standard. Ecol oil laboratory in Rybnik, operating at the Chemistry and Diagnostics Division, was accredited with Certificate No. AB 1564 by the Polish Centre for Accreditation. Thus, we received the official acknowledgement of providing the highest diagnostics service quality conforming with the EN ISO/IEC 17025/2005 standard.

More on the subject of accreditation for Ecol’s Chemistry and Diagnostics Department.

Ecol’s Oil Laboratory

In what devices are we performing lubricants analysis:

We perform lubricant analysis and diagnostics of:

  • turbines (steam, gas, and water)
  • wind turbines (main gearbox, hydraulic system, lubricants)
  • gearboxes (industrial, mobile etc.)
  • hydraulic systems (stationary, mobile, etc.)
  • pumps (white water systems, power, vacuum, etc.)
  • compressors (air, cooling, etc.)
  • engines and drives (combustion, gas, aircraft engines, etc.)
  • paper machines
  • water seal systems
  • heating and cooling oils systems
  • transformers

We perform analysis of all groups of oils, lubricants, machine and equipment types, including:

  • analysis of physicochemical parameters of oils and new and used lubricants,
  • analysis of contamination in operational oils and lubricants,
  • diagnosis of the condition and lifetime of oil,
  • detection of early stages of wear and tear, as well as technical condition diagnosis of machines and equipment,
  • drawing conclusions and giving recommendations of counteractions in the area of oil, and machine and equipment degradation.

We provide a full service in the analysis of lubricants for industrial plants—from advisory, sampling, to management of the results of the analysis and their interpretation. The results are always commented by the professionals from Ecol. The report is sent to you in a hard copy and/or by e-mail, as well as uploaded for you on the dedicated server available on the Internet.

We offer a transparent system of price reductions, depending on the number of ordered analyses.

You can always count on help from our specialists, who will prepare a programme of oil analysis, adjust the scope of research, setting alarm and threshold limits for the essential physicochemical properties of lubricants, as well as setting the frequency of measurements for each of the devices.

Using our services in the area of research and analysis regarding lubricants, consulting and trainings in the scope of lubrication engineering and tribology, you will:

  • prolong the durability and reduce breakdowns of equipment;
  • prolong the operation periods of lubricants;
  • be able to conclude on the condition of equipment more easily;
  • introduce proper lubrication policy and implement modern lubrication practices;
  • reduce the operational costs;
  • reduce the cost of insurance of machine park.

On-site oil analysis

Ecol also has proper equipment to perform on-site oil tests at the Customer’s location, including:

  • determination of the cleanliness class (microscopic and automatic methods – optical and blockage counters);
  • determination of water content in oil (Martechnik method);
  • total acid number;
  • RBOT test (oxidation according to ASTM D-2272)—test performed in Ecol’s laboratory;

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