Products to neutralise contamination with oil substances

Protecting natural environment is our priority. Our customers’ needs regarding protection from contamination with oil substances are satisfied with the offer of the assortment of the highest-quality absorbent substances and other compounds:

Our wide offer covers the following:

    • measures of securing the leakage of oils and petrol;
    • surface active agents for surface degreasing;
    • absorbent substances and absorbent fabrics (in various forms: sleeves, mattresses, mats, etc.);
    • other accessories.

Auxiliary accessories for lubrication management

Proper lubrication management often requires the usage of additional equipment or accessories. Ecol offers you a wide range of equipment for oil care (filtration units, oil systems’ filters by various producers, etc.).

If you are not interested in purchasing such equipment, we would like to propose you the rental of oil filtration and/or dewatering equipment in a clear and transparent manner.

Utilisation of oil substances and other wastes

Lubricant management invariably involves the generation of waste oil. We offer a comprehensive recycling of waste oil (oil, contaminated rags, spent absorbents or filter cartridges) with the issuance of the respective certificates. Our services will make the process for management and safety of the natural environment smoother for you company.