Removal of contamination in industrial facilities with the use of explosive deslagging

We propose a unique method of internal walls of boilers, hoppers, and tanks deslagging with the use of explosives. Deposited sediments decrease operational volume and channel capacity, impacting negatively the effectiveness of the whole system.

The method of explosive deslagging incorporates the technology of initiating a series of controlled micro-explosions. The shock wave created in the process crushes and removes the deposited slag, ash, and other loose deposited debris, causing it to fall freely to the bottom.

The energy of the explosion is carefully calculated, thus assuring that the system will not be damaged in the process.

This method can be used both in the downtime and in operation time of the boiler, what makes the total downtime substantially shorter.

Our explosive deslagging maintenance service can be used to clean boilers, decloging water heaters and steam heaters, remove overhangs in tanks and containers, decloging hoppers, siloes, etc.