Currently the most effective method of clearing and cleaning of interior systems and process instruments is the hydrodynamic cleaning using high pressure water jets.

Professional attitude to the tasks set by the customer, individual approach, performed trials, and contamination analysis allows us to achieve the desired cleaning effect.

We continuously perform services for numerous companies operating in the power, petrochemical, metallurgical and coke industries, as well as automotive, chemical, mining, and others.

Description of technology of hydrodynamic cleaning of industrial systems

Hydrodynamic cleaning with water bases on spraying the cleaning surface with water under high pressure, from 150 to 300 MPa, and with large consumption of water. Water jets flowing out of specially designed nozzles with high kinetic energy forces all contamination from the cleaned surface and carries it outside.

Water under such pressure:

loosening of hard and soft deposits from technological systems surfaces (e.g. from the inside of the pipes, the space between the pies, etc.);

allows declogging even completely clogged pipes without drilling;

strips off rust and corrosion products form metallic surfaces;

allows spark-free cutting of concrete and steel.

Water is pressurised by high-pressure plungers with combustion or electrical engines. At the moment, we have a wide range of high-pressure power units, including hot water units with p = 800 bar, temperature up to 95 deg. centigrade, q = 35 l/min, and a unit with p = 3000 bar, 40 l/min.

For many years, we have gained experience, and gathered equipment and tools allowing us to remove contamination from any type of heat exchanger or technological system.

Technology of technological installation and industrial equipment cleaning allows to break down the scale, asphalt, resin, flush the liquids and remove all other contamination sediments from inside and outside surfaces.

In order to clean the system, you do not need remove the whole system, but only these elements that allow water to penetrate the inside of the system.

Dimensions of cleaned pipes: DN 15 up to DN500 and wider*.

Pipeline length: up to 120 m in one direction*.

* Depending on the direction of the exchanger /pipeline. Each time, before the start of a cleaning procedure, Ecol specialists evaluate the complexity of the issues and choose the optimum cleaning method. The installation condition, as well as the results of cleaning is assessed with the use of special videoscope.

Anti-corrosive protection

Cleaned surfaces in many cases need to be secured from corrosion, that is why Ecol offers a complete service package protecting surfaces with anti-corrosion layers: permanent or temporary.


The range of high-pressure techniques used by Ecol is broad and covers:

system and technological equipment cleaning:

  • heat exchangers (condensers, water and gas coolers, air tube heaters in steam boilers, evaporators);
  • mazut and oil containers;
  • tankers and rail tank wagons;
  • technological pipelines (cooling and cutting fluids circulation, and others);
  • centrally filled systems, oil systems, oil and other fluid distribution systems;
  • power hydraulics systems;
  • compressed air systems;
  • water collectors;
  • sewage systems;
  • reactors;
  • comb tube furnaces;
  • absorbers;
  • steam pipelines.

Surface cleaning:

rust and corrosion products removal from metallic surfaces (anti-corrosion securing preparation);

removal of old protective coating from all surfaces (paint, vanquish, bitumen layers, etc.);

We provide full hydrodynamic cleaning service of all systems, both in operation and during complex overhaul campaigns.

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