Ecol System software is an IT solution aimed to support machinery and equipment operability management in the industry facilities.

Ecol System is the result of almost 25 years of operation in the lubrication management area for the industry. The lack of sufficient IT solutions in that field made us to prepare software that would improve the organisation of lubrication management and made lubrication management in the industry become more efficient.

Ecos System software was designed to:

  • clarify the structure of machine park and equipment;
  • specify lubrication points for each piece of equipment;
  • assign lubrication points with:
    • lubrication tasks (mobile, overhaul or other);
    • scheduled dates of preventive and immediate actions;
    • necessary materials;
    • costs of direct labour;
    • services outsourced to third parties;
  • creating schedules of tasks and their optimising;
  • keeping technical documentation of equipment if electronic form;
  • assigning persons responsible for objects, nodes, machinery, and equipment, and giving them the appropriate permissions of system operators;
  • gather technical documentation in one place;
  • allow the use the electronic signature to confirm the operation in the system;
  • generate reports and forms for all system components;
  • make it possible to compare the planned and actual expenditure on equipment maintenance.

Advantages of using the Ecol System:

  • enables precise planning of costs for any period;
  • gives full control over tasks, use of materials, labour, and any related costs (reduces the consumption of materials and services);
  • improves the organisation and functioning of the company;
  • improves the logistics of materials, spare parts, and components supply (reduction of inventory);
  • improves cooperation with subcontractors;
  • reduces the amount of paper documentation;
  • improves used oil and other wastes management;
  • allows the use of a complex oil service;
  • enables co-operation with other management systems;
  • gives control over lubricant management over the Internet;
  • provides full data security.

Application of the Ecol System will significantly reduce the cost of machinery maintenance.

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