Representatives of Ecol Group came back from OilDoc Conference and Exhibition 2019, that was held from 29th to 31th January in Rosenheim (Germany). It was a greate event, which brought valuable discussions on topics related to:


  • Condition Monitoring & Maintenance 4.0
  • Oil Condition Monitoring – Online • On-Site • Offline
  • Fluid Management – Innovative & Sustainable
  • Lubricants – Latest developments
  • Tribology – Research targeting Experience
  • Lubricants – Design to Application
  • Metal working and forming lubrication
  • Lubrication in Special Environments
  • Functional fluids – Everything but lubrication.


One of the participants and speakers was Wojciech Majka, President of the Board, CEO of Ecol Sp. z o.o. He presented the speech about Professional plant lubrication outsourcing /TFM/ in Industry 4.0. The presentation tried to answered the question, if the TFM is just marketing tool or art of high-end service providing cost saving solutions in maintenance process. During the speech Mr Majka presented how-to and experiences based on lubrication maintenance of over 20.000 pcs. of equipment realized by independent service provider in power generation, refining and chemical industry and automotive.


The OilDoc Conference and Exhibition 2019 brought together a high-caliber, professional audience – roughly 500 participants from 33 nations. We are proud being a part of this event!


More at: www.oildoc.com