The constant development and improvement to our operational actions are the steps we take to broaden the scope and quality of operations, hoping to achieve and sustain its leading position.

The constant development and improvement to our operational actions are the steps we take to broaden the scope and quality of operations, hoping to achieve and sustain its leading position.

Quality is an obligation

Quality is an obligation

Quality is an obligation




Ecol Sp. z o.o. (private limited company) based in Rybnik, is a specialist supplier of comprehensive services of industrial outsourcing oil and lubrication service, oil diagnostics as well as specialist industrial cleaning.


Our range of lubrication services and supplies of lubricating products, oil diagnostics and laboratory services, hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of systems of oil turbine sets and industrial appliances, cleaning of industrial appliances and technological installations with water under high pressure (hydroblasting), vacuum, explosive and chemical technologies – aim at the achievement of improved health and safety parameters as well as reliability and effectiveness of production assets, and consequently result in production cost decrease for our Clients.


Through continuous development and improvement of our business, we intend to develop the range and improve the quality of our activity in such a manner so as to achieve and continuously maintain the leading position in particular areas of our activity.


Ecol’s values:

  • professionalism in our actions,
  • winning and maintaining our Clients’ trust,
  • responsibility, integrity and open dialogue with all stakeholders,
  • respect and care for people and the natural environment,
  • taking advantage of opportunities to achieve goals,
  • acting in an impartial, confidently, independent and reliable manner,
  • improvement of functioning,
  • cooperation to achieve a goal,
  • protection of information and Client’s property rights.


We effectively realise the objectives we set for ourselves by:

  • maintaining the highest level of quality of the services and tests rendered,
  • creating innovative solutions and their market implementation,
  • staff involvement, continuous upskilling, improvement of organizational structure and internal management system,
  • consultation and dialogue with employees
  • maintaining an effective communication process by appropriate delegation of tasks and authority,
  • appropriate supervision over test realisation as well as ensuring reproducibility and consistency of the test
    and measurement results on an appropriate level,
  • maintaining Ecol trademark and brand recognition as a guarantor of the highest quality and safety,
  • risk management applied to all areas of the company functioning,
  • meeting legal requirements, technological standards and other provisions in all areas of our activity,
  • ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions by identification and elimination of accident and health threats as well as potential failures in a manner, so as to minimize the damages to people and the natural environment on all level of the company activity,
  • preventing environmental pollution as well as staff injuries and health ailments of employee,
  • acting to ensure the integrity of the management system during planning and implementing changes
    in the management system,
  • continuous development and updating of our objectives and tasks in the areas of quality, health and safety
    and environmental protection management based on consultation of employees and analysis of significant environmental aspects, identified threats, client expectations as well as identified risks and opportunities.



We ensure that the policy of Integrated Management System meeting the requirements of the standards: PN-­EN ISO 9001:2015,
PN-EN ISO 14001:2015, PN-EN ISO 45001:2018-06, PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02 and SCC Petrochemical standard is known to our employees and subcontractors and that it is publicly available to all interested parties. The priorities stated therein form the foundation for the realisation of our goals and the Company development. We declare that the means and resources for the realisation of this policy and continuous improvement of the integrated management system shall be provided.


2020, May



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