General Limiting Conditions

As used hereinafter and on the website, the term “Ecol” means Ecol Sp. z o.o., a limited liability company, with its registered office in Rybnik, at Podmiejska 71A, 44-207 Rybnik.

As used hereinafter, the terms “website” means the website located at the address:

Disclaimer of Liability

All information provided on this website are indicative only. Ecol extends and intends no warranty in regard with the form or content of information provided on the website, including but not limited to its relevance, accuracy, completeness, or fitness for a particular purpose. Ecol will not be responsible or liable for any losses or damage incurred arising out of or in connection with User’s or third party’s use of the information provided on the website. Any risk involved in using said information is on the side of the website user. Ecol updates information on a regular basis, nevertheless, some of it can contain accidental errors and mistakes, for which Ecol would like to apologise in advance.


The content of the Ecol website is copyrighted. The website and all its elements are protected pursuant to the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights (consolidated text [Journal of Laws] Dz.U.00.80.904 with amendments), the Act of 16 April 1993 on combating unfair competition ([Journal of Laws] Dz.U.93.47.211 with amendments), and the Act of 27 July 2001 the protection of databases ([Journal of Laws] Dz.U.01.128.1402). The user is entitled to use Ecol website, provided that the copyrights and rights of registration of trademarks owned by Ecol or other parties whose trademarks were included on the website are not infringed. Copying and temporary storing of the content of this website is permitted provided that said content is used strictly personally. No part of this website may be distributed, replicated, recorded, or reproduced commercially without the prior written permission of Ecol and its co-operating parties, except in the case materials made publicly known and published in ‘Downloads’ and ‘Safety Data Sheets’ tabs.


Ecol logo is a registered trademark, used upon the permission of Ecol Sp. z o.o. Using the logo by the website users without prior conclusion of an applicable written agreement with Ecol will constitute a breach of the Act of 30 June 2000 on industrial property law ([Journal of Law] Dz.U. 01.49.508 with amendments) or legal regulations provided by this act, as well as the Act of 16 April 1993 on combating unfair competition ([Journal of Laws] Dz.U.93.47.211 with amendments). Placing a link to this website requires a written permission issued by Ecol, unless the link is placed on a discussion board website.

Third party trademarks (logos) placed on the Ecol website are separate ownership of their respective owners and as such are legally protected.

Cookie Files

In order to adjust the content to users’ requirements, Ecol uses the cookie files (cookies). Cookies are text files submitted by the Ecol server and saved on the user’s machine, which is available for the server to read after each reconnecting to the user’s machine. Information stored in cookie files is used by Ecol to administer the website, creating visit statistics, as well as ensuring the proper operation of the website. The User can decline receiving cookies at any time, by turning off the options of their web browser, however, by doing so, they will limit the functionality of the website and prevent themselves from using the part of the website accessible only for registered users.

The method of turning cookies off depends on the web browser used by the User of the website. Below, some tips with regard to limiting cookie files in the most popular web browsers are presented.

Mozilla Firefox

From the “Tools” menu choose Options/Privacy.

The browser will allow to choose whether the user wants to use cookie files or remove cookies of respective web pages.

Microsoft Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge

From the “Tools” menu choose Internet Options/Privacy.

A special slider placed in that tab allows to choose privacy level. “Sites” button allows to manage the settings for particular websites.

Google Chrome

From the options menu (available after clicking in the upper right corner of the browser window) choose “Tools”, and click “Clear browsing data…” button. Apart from the option of clearing cookie files, there is also “Learn more” link leading to a detailed description of the browser’s privacy functions.


Open menu options with the “Opera” button in the upper left corner of the browser window, choose “Settings”, and click “Clear browsing data…” button. Apart from the possibility to delete existing cookie files, in the tab there is also “All cookies and site data…” button opening advanced options for each of the sites.

Apple Safari

From the “Safari” menu choose Preferences/Privacy. The tab presents numerous options with regard to cookie files.

On mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.)

Each smartphone model can offer a different solution in that matter. We advise to go through the privacy settings explained in the documentation offered on the website of the producer of the mobile device.

The detailed and most up-to-date information on the settings of the browser are available on the website of its developer.

Applicable Law

The application of these terms and conditions and the use of the website is governed by the provisions of the Polish law. Should any provisions of the contract or of these terms and conditions is found void, unlawful, or without binding legal effect, in this regard, they shall not produce any legal effect. In regard to other issues, the terms and conditions remain unaltered and have legal effects.

Contact to administrator

Should the Users have any questions or remarks regarding terms and conditions of using the website, please contact us at the address: or by phone: +48 32 739 63 75.