The Vision

Ecol is a company leader offering services and products for lubrication management, using the state-of-the-art technologies in effective hydrodynamic cleaning. We would like to expand the list of offered products and services to become a major company of industry services sector in Europe. We hope that our packages of services and products meet the requirements of companies operating in the power, chemical and petrochemical, mining, machine, and automotive industries, as well as others, and that choosing Ecol for the provider of services and products is going to be its natural consequence.


The Mission

Familiar with the problems and concepts of widely understood lubricant as well as operational-and-maintenance management, and comprehending these fully, we constantly persuade our customers to search for complex solutions and thus help them to improve the actions taken in the area of machinery and equipment operation by increasing the durability and reliability of the equipment—and in the same time the satisfaction and competitive advantage of our customers.


From the very first days of this company operations, our employees have been designing and incorporating the programmes aimed at increasing operational safety conditions and reducing the influence of production processes on the natural environment. The results are evident, and we would like to share the experience gained at that time with our customers.


Ecol does not hesitate to undertake new, often demanding challenges in our way to reach perfection, and we always play fair with the customers and rivalry companies.


Such qualities ad openness, engagement, responsibility, and honesty are our means to reach the goals.


In Ecol we value ourselves:

  • the strive to reach goals,
  • respect and caring for people and natural environment,
  • open and honest communication,
  • improving the operations,
  • responsibility,
  • team work.


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Environment Vision

Quality Policy