Chemistry in Power Plants 2019 Conference with technical exhibition in Würzburg has ended.
The event, organized by VGB PowerTech e.V., was the meeting place of international power plant chemistry.

Ecol had an opportunity to invite all visitors and exhibitors of the conference to participate in seminar about „New technology of chemical foam cleaning of condensers as an excellent alternative to chemical circulation cleaning, hydrodynamic cleaning or bullet scrapers shooting methods”, that was presented by Ecol’s representatives.


The following major items were presented during the conference:

  • Conditioning of water steam cycles and cooling water cycles
  • Methods of water preparation and waste water treatment
  • Chemical aspects of coal-firing and co-firing
  • Chemical aspects of flue gas cleaning processes and CO2 separation
  • Analytic and quality assurance
  • Chemistry in nuclear power plants


The conference was accompanied by an interesting trade exhibition in the foyer. We presented especially: power generations chemistry services, lubrication and oil systems service, oil analysis and condition monitoring at our booth.


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